Donimo Shriver of Web Nouveau started this list to showcase what can be done with CSS when it’s used for positioning. He approved of its revival here as he had other goings-on and couldn’t continue keeping the list.

Ironically, this site’s original design was in tables. We finally got around to dumping them in April/May 2004. In doing so, we cleaned up the old list. Many sites no longer worked, used useless tables, or were taken over by cyber-squatters (grrr). If your site still works and doesn’t use tables except where necessary, contact me.

Many CSS libraries and collections have popped up since this site’s launch. They’re fancier, interactive and well-done. This site is plain and not interactive — this won’t change because we lack the time to do it. Here’s an interview about the collection at Fadtastic. We personally check every entry before posting. We’ve also tightened guidelines since first launching as follows:

  • Site should be a web site not a web page.
  • Quality matters.
  • Forms should use CSS not tables.
  • Keyword-oriented types of sites may not be accepted. This site isn’t about helping a site look good for search engines.
  • Site layout still needs to be free of tables (I get many submissions for sites built with tables).
  • We have the right to reject a site due to inappropriate content.
  • Flash-heavy sites not likely to qualify. We want to see CSS and HTML used to create a full-fledged site. Inserting a Flash-based page as an object doesn’t teach anything about CSS.

That should cover everything you want to know. Did I miss anything? Holler! Of course, submit your site, too, if it qualifies.